About Me

I have always been more of a self-taught person than a main stream academic. My interest in technology and development stemmed from this passion for self learning.

I was able to successfully complete Advanced Diplomas in Computer Hardware, Networking, Laptop Hardware, Cellphone Hardware & Software, Web Designing, Web Development, Editing and Server Administration.

I started development with core PHP for development of websites and applications very early in life. I was introduced to WordPress for the first time in 2004.

The platform was still very nascent and I could not use it effectively to build websites and plugins, so I went back to core PHP.

In 2007 I gave WordPress a try again, and this time around things were completely different! I absolutely loved the platform and everything that I could create with it.

I have since been a hardcore open source developer building plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

It has been an amazing 13-year journey with WordPress, and I look forward to more! I love Open Source! 🙂