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Varun Makes IT Happen [Neighborhood lad is a tech expert]

Varun, aged 19, is the chief ambassador of an IT company. What sets him apart from others is the fact that he has completed schooling only upto eighth standard and started working at the age of 12.

‘It was my interest that drove me to find my passion and work towards it. When I was three, I was addicted to the game ‘Prince’. I kept hitting restart after the game was over to finish all the levels. The movement of the main character in the game intrigued me and after that I started to keep an eye out for other basic software’s, getting myself familiarized with them as well. My parents enrolled me in various IT camps for children and it quenched my thirst temporarily.’

‘Eventually I realized that I was more into IT than academics and a tech-company identified my talent and hired me. At the age of 12, I was handling clients. I did diploma degrees simultaneously to widen my knowledge in the IT field. IT is about knowledge, not merely theoretical but also practical,’ expresses Varun.

Varun has over eight diploma degrees in his hand even though he did not complete schooling. Question if he ever regretted not finishing school or not getting the chance to attend college, Varun laughs before adding, ‘that was the whole point. I wanted to break those conventional educational systems and show that it is not necessary to have a degree from a college or even a twelfth class completion certificate to enter into the IT field’.

‘There is a boom in IT field. While others may wonder if it will eventually fade, I strongly believe otherwise. The IT boom is not going down, ever. IT keeps upgrading and updating every second. Even as I am talking right now, I can tell you that there are people updating the existing technologies. Inventions in the IT field will never reach a state of saturation. Before we only had landlines, then came mobiles, following that people found a way to introduce small lens camera in mobile phones.

Now we are aware of the advancement in mobile phone technology. There is no limit, IT is a platform to make your dreams a reality,’ says Varun.

Varun aims to start his own company and employ youngsters. He has worked to abolish unemployment among youth with his initiative ‘Indiainternetready’. ‘I want it to reach among youth that you don’t have to finish your school or attend college to get a job. You must start building your career as you work. There is no age limit for passion. My dream is to see a country full of employed youth.’

A resident of Athreyapuram Second Street, Choolaimedu, Varun can be contacted at 98407 62828.